Security & Cryptography

Security & Cryptography


Data Protection

Cyber attacks on data banks and businesses leak critical information into the wrong hands. This compromised information is then abused and manipulated; severely harming the company. Data breaches have significantly increased and require business companies to add extra layers of security to prevent such malicious intrusions.

Integrate Robust Security

InnoApps Inc provides high grade security over such information data and software; granting it a stronger protection from data breaches and malicious attacks. We incorporate stronger security over networks, data and softwares through firmware patches & updates, cryptographic security and encryption. These measures strengthen the security security level and provide with the necessary means to shield from unauthorized access and security breaches.


Produce A Reliable Product

An enhanced security level of a software displays the reliability of the product in the market; with a more secure software being more reliable. This builds reputation and allows for the product to be successful within the competitive market. Having a more secure product also cuts down operational costs that go towards the security maintenance of the software.

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