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A. To develop models of build value chain and inclusive innovation from/for grassroots

  1. Clearing house of innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and policymakers
  2. In-situ value addition, in forest as wells as farming areas
  3. Network of fabricator and innovators for frugal design and development of products
  4. Knowledge network to mobilise social capital of committed individuals, policy makers and institutions

B. To build database of innovations from polytechnics/ITIs and other section of society besides grassroots, artisans, craftsman, students, farmers, pastoralist etc.

  1. Pool the final year projects of diploma/polytechnic & ITI students at Gian Nidhi
  2. Collate innovations from grassroots i.e. farmers, artisans, mechanics, teachers, craftsmen, folk artists, etc. Also mobilise frugal innovations developed by formal sector to blend or bundle with grassroots innovations or deliver in standalone manner.
  3. Annotate database for use across cultural, regional and even national boundaries either in artefactual, analogic, heuristic & gestalt level
  4. Build multilanguage, multimedia content for overcoming barriers of language, literacy and localism.
  5. Disseminate database as open source self help learning and experimenting material to encourage users to enrich and expand the database with their own voluntary contribution

C. To pursue on farm testing, trials diffusion of innovations, outstanding traditional knowledge and climate resilience farmers’ practices.

  1. Match specific on farm production constraints with the available public domain innovations / practices
  2. Design experiments to identify the possible advantage of introduced technologies with the existing practices
  3. To committee appraisal of on farm trials at different stages of crop / livestock lifecycle to appraise the strength and weakness of introduced innovations
  4. Derive lessons for continuous, discontinuous or modifications of the experiments for the next season.
  5. Ascertain if neighboring farmer will continuous. The introduced innovation on their own next year.

D. To empower the local communities through IP / DIY technologies by promoting open inclusive innovations and platform, promote lateral learning and other action research approaches

  1. Creation of an online portal for innovation exchange / lateral learning and engagement with different stakeholders.
  2. Organize workshops , meeting with experimenting farmers students and innovators to promote lateral learning.
  3. Engage with policy makers and other support institution to mobilize opportunities for growth and development of various grassroots innovators.