Olegan – Medical App

Covid-19 Plasma Transfusion, Organ and Tissue Transplantation

Olegan helps Covid-19 patients survive by transfusing plasma in this unprecedented pandemic. Also, fulfills the demand of organ and tissue transplantation. To view the app’s privacy policy, terms and conditions and app disclaimer please click on the below links to view them:



The Olegan App

Olegan app is extensively used to transfer Plasma for Covid-19 patients and Organ transplantations. Plasma is most essential to save many lives during this unprecedented pandemic. Also, Olegan connects the hospitals and the people across globally to transplant organs and tissues such as Kidney, Live, Pancreas, Heart, Intestine, Lung, Cornea, Bone Marrow, Stem Cells and Blood groups A+, A-, B+, B-, AB+, AB-, O+, O-, and Platelets.  As a start-up InnoApps is in the fore-front in providing best-in-class app solution to meet the needs of the hospitals, donors and recipients.

The Challenge

The organs and tissues for transplantation are very scarce. There are a lot of factors for mismatching the organs, unknown availability, timeline to transplant, distance and pecuniary difficulties are a big hassle for donors and recipients. These implications lead to a surge in long waitlists and results in a lot of deaths across the globe.

Major Screens Web

Key Screens

Olegan app in Android and iOS saves lives of Covid-19 patients in plasma transfer and organ, tissue transplantation, blood transfusion to the patients who are in desperate need. This health app enable hospitals, donors and recipients across globe to connect with a few steps.

Easy Use
The elegant UI/UX design makes all the screens user-friendly.

Search & Filter capabilities
Advance search function with filters lets the customer to easily search for the products they are looking.


In-App Chat 
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10+ Languages Supported
Integrated with different payment service provider for ease of payment. Available payment mode Cash on delivery, online payment, paytm.

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