Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and Support

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Thorough Maintenance

Instead of having a company spend on maintenance through their own valuable workforce, InnoApps provides an alternate solution where we will look after the maintenance of the product or software. This solution is much more affordable and efficient in the long term for the company. We believe in the best quality for your product and have a professional Quality Assurance team that will take thorough care and maintain your software effectively.

Increased Efficiency

With maintenance, our Quality Assurance team will also upgrade the software overtime as issues arise. Our maintenance provides continuous testing, software patches & upgrades and regular improvement to the software. This will increase the efficiency and flow of the software; eradicating all glitches within the mainframe.


Data Analatic Reports

InnoApps also keeps a detailed record of all the data analytics within the software, to improve upon and further increase the quality of the app. These reports will display weaknesses and areas of improvement that can be worked upon. This will also give the company a better view at where their product stands and the improvements required to boost the productivity and quality of their software

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